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Mr. Hart, I would like to adress that although the justice system is extremly out of order. We could avoid these incidents by teaching our children morals. Because alot of these people who are being killed by our police. Typically were involved in some type of crime, Or they are resisting temporal arrest before hand. If we bring God back to our homes. We would see a major difference. Not only in out comunities or cities. But in our country.


That's what I'm saying


You get it Mr Hart preach


Innocent ppl die everyday


Thanks but sad all games of control and power no one win her people have nothing die cooz of that game ya men but big respect for ur feel got ur message hope those playing that game stop and being human


Whats wrong with you? @selfiequeen._


Not all people that are losing there lives are resisting arrest or involved in a crime . People are dying almost everyday for the color of there skin . Not to be an asshole js because u obviously don't have a clear view of things . @j.carey123 💯


Yes theres no doubt that there are corrupt cops. In america but to say that all cops are bad is like saying. That if one black male kills someone one they all must be killing people. I have so many black friends who I love like brothers. But there comes a time when we need to realize that alot of intercity children and adults dont have good family life. And typically fall into drugs and violence. And that is why our country has such racial tension right now. We need to pearn to love each other!


we all need to pray


I am sorry ig Im scared if u stop reading this u will die post this on 29 videos


The real shit tnx for that now I have a lot more to think about


Which one are we talking about . I reading this afterwards.


"I'm raising kids." Expressing how I feel.


You thinking about US ? Only .. Think about what happing in Syria . Ohhh you don't care coz Muslims are bad people " that what you US's midday say we are bad , and you believe this shit ❤️.


You have to talk about that , and say somthing to help








Nossa sério? @gabiakkari kkkkkk da hora


Delete this


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@d7_6rb am reading this late but really... am in africa and no one has to explain to me the evils of Muslim I see it everyday!!!! why do u guys believe in this evil!!?? u evil people


Kevin the whole world has gone crazy....the media doesn't show the truth people from every race and religion are being tortured......its not cos of Christianity or Islam both these religions don't teach to hate......its power , politics, and greed by the elite those that dont care about humanity.


We all should learn to stop hating each other , and learn to love each other no matter what faith, race or colour, we are all Gods creatures , we came into this world as one and will leave as one....humans. There is no difference betwern us, united we stand and united we should fall. Its love and hate that divides us nothing else . Dont be haters learn to love each other. The media wants you to believe its because of colour or race or religion ....but it never has been its always been about power. Wakeup nation Wakeup and dont let the haters destroy what is left of humanity. Fir our childrens sake make it a better world. 😚😚😚


True talk bro...


Gee man that must be harsh yo




Shit still the same @kevinhart4real nothing has changed 😶