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Dear @realdonaldtrump, Happy Thanksgiving! Congratulations on your recent election as president elect. As an American, I'm proud to be a part of a system that embraces a system of free elections and governance that has made you my president-elect. I didn't vote for you, but that's what "makes America great...". You will be my president and I accept and honor that pillar of our democracy. Today, you spoke about unity. You've spoken about it since the night you were elected. Its a radical departure from your campaign, but I get that. Running is different than governing and I'm certain that crash course is horrifying. It would be for anyone. It's a big deal. You are president...and honestly, I'm psyched for you. Now it's time for you to embody unity. Over half the voting country didn't want you as our leader and many are scared. Your rhetoric on the campaign trail was divisive enough that many don't trust anything you say. So today, while we give thanks (and let's not forget the roots of this holiday either), can I ask you, implore you...hell, I'll beg you...please speak out directly, by name to the hate groups that are wreaking havoc in your name. America is yours to govern now and I will accept that...but PLEASE, address the hate that has sprung up in your wake and in your name. Make us feel like Americans, not different 'breeds' of humans. I implore you! Call out the BS. Those who are violent against other Americans that are 'different' than them flies defiantly and with gross misunderstanding in the face of this day, let alone this country. Call them out, by name...denounce their hate and follow through on your promise of law and order. Freedom of speech is everyone's right, but violence and hatred only divides us further. You are now the face of us, of me, of our history and future. Ideology aside, denounce hatred and be the leader we all need...the leader we elected. @realdonaldtrump this is your moment. Name and denounce the David Dukes and the white supremacists. Call them out on their inherent misunderstanding of American values. Disavow their values. You spoke of unity President Trump...and so I implore you, as my president, unite!

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I resent that America is spending time on all these questions about the alt-right and other racist behaviors. I think if the election had gone the other way, we would be talking about worker benefits, college tuition, healthcare, etc. This is a country I don't recognize anymore.


@girl_astray by comparing your text to Corys, one quickly realizes how unintelligent your text is


Well said amigo!


@erickadner .... sticks n stones


I respect your comment and absolutely LOVE your site but your blasting Trump for a KKK endorsement he didn't ask for... but you say absolutely nothing about Black Panther party and O-bama having a cozy relationship...πŸ€”. Just saying ... oh and the instagram police flagged me because of the presidents name .. so I had to change it




Amen ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️


Thank you @coryrichards ! You said it right. Enabling rather than denouncing negativity is the worst thing a leader can do. @realdonaldtrump must take a stand against hate, racism, sexism and planetary destruction.


I wish the #remoaners in the UK behaved like you instead of calling the majority who voted for #brexit racist selfish thick...........


You should photograph @garogosi during one of his casting sessions up a glacier - you would work so well together! #garogosi


Kill me!!! Nice shot!!!


Corey---I'm disappointed that you blame Donald Trump for the violence carried out by the pro-Hillary demonstrators. There is little that Trump can do to stop the angry Ds from being so irrational about losing the election. Let's hope with time the disappointed Ds come to their senses and stop the vandalism and riots and end their idiotic insistence that Trump isn't their president. Cheers!


Cory, I have been following you on instagram for a while and it's the highlight of my day to open up the app and see your work. The words you have written reflects the support a person should have in a 'free and fair election' system. We should support our governance. In doing this, it creates trust, confidence and lets them get on with their jobs. I am South Afican and hope to have my country reach this stage sooner than later! Thanks for you inspiring work!




@zerostartravel I absolutely did not blame @realdonaldtrump for the inexcusable violence carried out by Clinton supporters. Please read the comments. As our leader, he IS responsible to heal all divisions he can. And while the actions of Clinton supporters are absolutely out of line, his inn ability to condemn the overt racism from alt right groups across the nation is cause for extreme concern. My ask is only to name the names and condemn the actions...and lead with inclusiveness. Not once would I blame someone for actions they didn't take...but as my leader, I will hold him responsible for continued divides perpetuated by a blind eye turned towards hatred and racism.






@andimckay this is awesome


Amen @coryrichards YOU ROCK. I hope he read your post πŸ‘πŸ»


Precisely written @coryrichards Thankyou.


@coryrichards I welcome your attitude but I watched the election campaign and think it may be naive of you to expect a person who consistently made racist and xenophobic remarks to unite US citizens. He is also a mysognist. His remarks about women and his treatment of them is abhorrent. He lost the popular vote and that he is president elect neverthless is I think an indictment of the US electoral system.


I hear you brother! I hear you!


I have been following this from Australia; I actually did not know Australians were so opinionated about American politics until this election. My American friends are awesome to keep reminding us your system is different with the Supreme Court elections many put him in place for, you can buy hate crowds on Craig's list so to be wary what the media is feeding us & our hate of anyone only exemplifies just what is wrong.... bless you guys x


Thank you for sharing this. Awareness and accountability is how we will get through this as a country, stronger than before I hope.


Wow, well said. πŸ‘Š

@coryrichards, great picture. It really embodies your post which has many opinions I share. Please keep on taking pictures and show that the world is not divided and that we are all connected as human beings. Thanks for your work and fantastic gallery!




Its a fucked up goverment but its the only one we got! Peace love humans




So sick dude! I love this guy! I see him every day on pearl!

jardim_da_sonia sou muito forteπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ