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Not your average canine companion, Leoti is a rescued Arctic Wolf now living in MT. Our history with wolves is one of such tragic misunderstanding and irony. In all likelihood, it was humans who domesticated and crafted them into all the breeds of dogs we see today and yet have actively worked to destroy the 'ancestral' species. As Karen E. Lange wrote in "Wolf to Woof" in @natgeo: About 12,000 years ago hunter-gatherers in what is now Israel placed a body in a grave with its hand cradling a pup. Whether it was a dog or a wolf can’t be known. Either way, the burial is among the earliest fossil evidence of the dog’s domestication. Scientists know the process was under way by about 14,000 years ago but do not agree on why. Some argue that humans adopted wolf pups and that natural selection favored those less aggressive and better at begging for food. Others say dogs domesticated themselves by adapting to a new niche—human refuse dumps. Scavenging canids that were less likely to flee from people survived in this niche, and succeeding generations became increasingly tame. According to biologist Raymond Coppinger, "All that was selected for was that one trait—the ability to eat in proximity to people.” At the molecular level not much changed at all: The DNA makeup of wolves and dogs is almost identical. It’s more than a little ironic then that it’s the proximity of wolves to human interests that led to their near extinction. // Insta retrospective





No grey wolves are not in the least bit endangered. And even if they were that does not justify introducing them into a non-native area like Yellowstone, where they have decimated the struggling native elk population, reducing them from almost 20,000 in 1995 (when the wrong grey wolf species was put in Yellowstone) down to less than 6000 in 2015. The correct native wolf species for Yellowstone was a much smaller less aggressive red wolf.


Great thoughts Cory, unfortunately we can't seem to learn from history that our own self-interests aren't more important than everything else. @coryrichards


good job with the colors!


@mariah.carreiro read below the pic :)


Love this😊👍


I have wite wolf 🐺 born in the woods


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Interesting snippet on wolves and the domestication of them. Thank you.




Howl above the weather! Woof paw 🐾🐾🐾


I love wolves. We must fight to protect them!


i want to give hugs all around ❤️


Rejection .. from humans ...Have they sealed their fate sorry for them ...


There is something so cool about this pic for real


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You're Photo's are amazing


Wow I had no idea thanks for sharing


@coryrichards you should visit Russia and see our landscapes in Magadan and Kamchatka))


Love that caption!


Yes my heart hurts for the Wolfe


I love wolves and feel terribly for them and the way they're misunderstood 😌


Sacred animal