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A cold day on the roof. Everest, Chomolungma, Sagarmāthā, rises up to meet space. En route to basecamp today with @adrianballinger. The road feels familiar, but not too so. Fear and confidence bounce off each other from one moment to the next. Long un-wanting silences broken by bad jokes, logistics, and deep thoughts underscore partnership and another year in the trenches together. It's a good place to be. Follow the story on Snapchat on EverestNoFilter @eddiebauer @stravarun @highballenergy #uphillathlete

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This is so amazing and scaring in a good way at the same time 😱


God be with you!


Happy Easter Cory! Be safe!


Thanks for taking me to a part of the world that I will never experience. Stay safe!!


Great post


@coryrichards Hi! @unbrandedthefilm said I should contact you about possibly getting a duplicate photo of the photo you took of "JR in the Aspens"? Would love to frame that for our home. My email


Hey good luck to both of you!! May the force be with you! 😄 😉


Perfect caption 👌🏼😘


Great shot!


Great post


@datlaxdad19 good luck! It's amazing!


@coryrichards wonderful view. I wish I could be up there climbing with you guys! Be safe #everestfantasyforever


Best of luck @coryrichards and @adrianballinger! Go get'em!




@greenerfields I think you are raising two distincly different questions Here. Both of them are extremely valid. To address the issue of equal pay, we also have to consider the job being done and the infrastructure behind guiding as a whole. IFMGA guides and all those who are in pursuit of those certifications spend tens to over a hundred thousand dollars to become a guide. They also get huge amounts of international guiding experience in the process. The job that Sherpa and high altitude workers do is not always interchangeable with fully certified or partially certified guides. The waters get especially muddy when governments forego regulation and uncertified international 'guides' take advantage of the system, both taking a lions share of a client's fee while leaning on the Sherpa infrastructure and simultaneously marginalizing all the work that certified guides put in. The point is that if it were simply payment for risk, the Sherpa wage would likely eclipse the western guides, especially on the south side. However, risk assessment, liability insurance, industry infrastructure, and cold hard decision making can't be overlooked when examing wages overall. This debate is not new and it's not black and white. There is a huge responsibility that falls on the high altitude community to address this fairly on all sides. But to simply say that everyone should get paid the same lacks insight into the complexities of the situation at large.


Just like every profession, you have good guides and great guides and exceptional guides. Im sure they are paid what they are worth. The Sherpas, probably the best job they possibly could land. Im not a mountain climber- hiker at best, but when you see these men and women carrying these huge loads and taking risks to get you all up the peak, i would hope the guides on each ascent would pay them a little more than the "average wage" Did i hear correctly that they make 400.00 a year? Or is this 400.00 for each ascent? Either way... seems like pennies, especially when climbers are spending 35,000.00 to climb.


PS didnt mean to cause a huge, discussion. Good Luck and be safe 💚


Thanks google, Sherpas get paid $3000-4000 a season.




@greenerfields you raise great points! It's great. Again, it's super complex. $400 could be the wage of either a porter or kitchen staff, but very unlikely anyone going above BC. That said, bad companies will take advantage where they can. Oddly, those companies aren't the more reputable outfits in the media, but more likely local mom and pop outfits willing to put people at greater risk for lower wage in order to make a buck. Indeed, everyone wants in on the industry. I can assure you that every single Sherpa on our team makes at least 20 times that before bonuses.

💜Beautiful 💜


Thanks for the questions and thanks for the insight Corey.


Stay safe @coryrichards ... and i kind of enjoy the debate?i'm not a hikers so it's bring awareness


@greenerfields you make a great point. A sherpa's presence in the high altitude pronounces life or death for you. I'm certain Sir Hillary would agree on that regs Tenzing


Such beauty but can be so deadly