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🌿"What should I do if I find a baby fox in the wild?"🌿 🦊 After receiving about 40 different emails this week about people finding young red foxes, I thought making a post to address this would be important. Baby foxes are referred to as "kits", if you find a fox kit alone it doesn't always mean that they're an orphan. Many times you may be taking a perfectly healthy young fox out of its environment, unknowingly. Mother foxes do leave their young periodically to hunt. If you find a fox kit, it is best to leave it alone unless it is injured or clearly malnourished. If you have to ability to keep an eye on the baby take some time to see if mom comes back. If there are no signs of a mother for at least 48 hours, the next step is to contact your local wildlife rehabilitator. Which you can find by contacting the department of natural resources or even a quick google search. 🦊 If you need to house a kit, here are a few things to keep in mind. Try not to feed the baby, a lot of times by offering the wrong food you can make the situation much worse. Many times people have great intentions, but by offering a non species appropriate diet they often do more damage. Changing from mother's milk to a milk replacement can also be very hard on a baby's stomach and can often times cause them to go downhill fast due to diarrhea and vomiting. If feeding is necessary (life or death) give pedialyte. Also be sure to give the fox a nice dark, warm, and quite place to settle. Even at a young age they can easily be over stressed which can, in some cases, also lead to death. 🦊 Many countries have different laws when it comes to keeping wildlife. In the US it is illegal to keep animals that are found in the wild. Often times keeping wild animals leads to their confiscation and heavy fines. If I have any wildlife rehabbers out there feel free to comment any additional advice. I hope you guys find this at least a little helpful, I know many of you have nothing but the best intentions! #livingwithjuni

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I once found a baby raccoon. I heard crying from the bushes and walked carefully over to investigate. When I got close enough I saw it was a baby raccoon and knowing that I shouldn't touch him, I backed away slowly. But this baby ran to me and climbed right up my leg!! I knew it was likely his mother was nearby and he had just wandered too far, so I placed him in a box that he could not get out of but that his mother could retrieve him from if she wanted. I gave him some warm goat's milk (the best replacement milk for all mammals) and one of those cloth bags of rice you warm up in the microwave and left him in the bushes near my front porch. It was so hard to wait 48 hours and let him cry. His mother did not return. I did NOT allow him in my house as racoons carry both feline and canine distemper (which are each almost always deadly to their respective species) but contacted a wildlife rehabilitation place near me and took him to them the next day. I had to be very quiet and careful about it as at the time in my county it was required by law to destroy any found baby racoons!!! He had a very bad eye infection and I don't know if he survived but my hope is that he got better and was released eventually. My point I suppose is that like @juniperfoxx regularly tells us, wild animals belong in the wild and it takes very specialized care to rehabilitate a wild baby. Please don't remove babies from the wild unless sick or injured AND you have allowed adequate time for their mother to come back.