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This is Ena the red fox, she was recently adopted by @ironwoodwolves to become an ambassador for red foxes. "Ena was rescued from a fur farm and will live the rest of her life with us, helping us to educate the public on her species. However, this post is not all about Ena specifically. I am also going to take this opportunity to ask for your help. We adopted Ena from a lovely rescue in Lakeville, MN and the city is trying to shut them down. A public hearing is set for tomorrow at 6pm. rescues kits and adults from fur farms that are of "no use" to the farmers. Although we do not like fur farming at all, it is extremely important for animals like Ena to at least have a chance at a beautiful life. If the city shuts down the rescue, more like her can face a very horrible death." • *HOW YOU CAN HELP: Sign the petition: (search fox rescue). • BRIEFLY & RESPECTIVELY: CALL the City at (952) 985-4400, 952-985-4404 / FAX at (952) 985-4499 • EMAIL the City Council at CALL/EMAIL each City Council member at Please be sure to email a copy of your letters to Mikayla at, for her to give to her lawyer to present at the hearing... 📷@ironwoodwolves



Petition signed, good luck! 💕


@fleamarketfab where's the petition I can't find it


Gorgeous 😍😍


question: could you use a fox as a hunting animal, like you could a dog, if trained? (not that i'm suggesting anyone do, just a thought that interested me)


So awesome! 👌🏻


Petition signed. 👌


I can't find the petition on Does anyone got the exact name of the petition ? Thank you :)


signed the petition the other day !


@felicia_moka I'm indeed with these foxes!!!


@jenny301986 I don't think there are any wildlife rescues with the money, science staff, or equipment to research something as specific as "do foxes enjoy painting". We don't have enough public interest to get those institutions the funding that they would need to conduct neurological research on one specific species. On top of that, we barely understand human neurology. Juniper's mom is one of the many people who are trying to bring wildlife into the public so that we can understand the unique bond between all living creatures. The profit they make is basically charitable donations. For example, Juniper's paintings. I give them money so that they can afford a healthy fox diet, an outdoors habitat, time to dedicate to long walks in nature to benefit a fox's natural instincts, and an all around good home for Juniper that caters to her vulpine needs. And in return they send me a painting. We are giving eachother an exchange of goods, which is facilitated by money. Profit implies an excess of money, which is generally not the case for wildlife habitats. The money we give is used to better the life of this domesticated animal. Yes, domesticated. Foxes have been bred by human beings enough so that the ones we rescue from fur farms or exotic animal breeders are typically bred to be more docile, which means that they may not survive in the wild. Not that we should domesticate wild animals, but we created cats and dogs by the controlled breeding of animals like wolves and lynxes. So to say that every animal deserves to be in their natural habitat..... well that is a little pretentious of you to say as a human being who claims to have owned dogs.


You should put the link to the support, there are many fox rescue petitions


Escalate to Federal Court. State cannot override a federal permit.


Just saw this what happened,were they at all able to do anything?Praying they closed them down,,how how could someone think it's ok to kill a beautyfull defenceless animal ?Sick just Sick


PS she's so pretty,any new pics?


I'm so sorry Iiss read,the whole dam thing.I thought it said the fur farm could be closed.That I'm 1000%for,the sanctuary NO THAY MUST STAY OPEN,Praying IT IS Again so sorry


She is so cute. How do you know this?


@steffie_ladouceur 😭❤


@shazlick_stick see they are against fur farms


They would shut down the fox rescue, but not the fox farm. Wtf , leaders and law makers are a pile of sick ass devils


Done only 576 more to go


Where is she now?


Omg I am also Ena


How did this go??


@opie_blackbeard 😍😍😍