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Repost from @chrisburkard using @RepostRegramApp - It's always been creativity that draws me to want to work with someone. @chris_sharma inspired me from an early age because of his ability to look where nobody else was for a perfect line. As a climber he was influenced by the surf culture that surrounded his home in Santa Cruz, CA. On a coastline that for the most part was littered with brittle rock he would point out thin strips of limestone where he rode his bike & bouldered as a kid. I spent a bit of time with him this last month near his home. Explored his favorite tree climbs, Mexican food and of course.. shoeless beach bouldering. This spot .. a place I surfed many times and never even knew was there.

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Muy buena!!!


That's where the power comes from!


The westside has so many gems.


Are you half Indian?


Because Sharma is very famous indian surname


Best cliffhanger shot ever niiiiiice👍👍




It must surely be a lovely place to climb


@olivierchenevier si il y avait ca a la govelle tu te serais pas percé la jambe


@lucbougeard on remettra ça cet été, t'inquiètes pas


Sorry for jumping on your pic just trying to spread awareness check out my designs


My last name is Sharma too 😂


@chris_sharma It was such an amazing experience bouldering on Panther Beach. Thank you for once again showing the fun side of climbing. As a congenital heart disease patient and climber, I find so much inspiration regarding your approach to climbing. It is truly all about passion, what you feel and the joy in brings. I cannot wait to plan my next trip to Santa Cruz so I can climb all over this chossy rock again! Beautiful beach!!