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Fetish Video directed by @petrafcollins and ft. @laflare1017 coming Wednesday.



@jrosa_thegreat @l30photo OKAY this has got to be my fav one to try! How can we get the room smoky like this


@aroosa.khan the photo is actually edited to look washed out. That’s one of the shoots we’re going to try


@jrosa_thegreat @aroosa.khan I was actually looking to get dry ice and it will give us a smoky affect


@l30photo where can you get it?


Hello @selenagomez Congratulations for the life and the success that you are, my name is Gerardin, I am 22 years old, and I am from Venezuela, in these moments I am asking for an economic aid of little bit in little, until arriving at the goal that is 1,500 $, to help my brother here in Venezuela that is in a very complicated situation and we are going through a very bad time, for mercy help me,


Youll pay what due to you how can you kill someone and take there organs and make a viedo about it you sick WITCH!!!


You might live here on this earth but in the next you'll pay!!




go back home selena


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