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Thanks @outsidemagazine for the huge honor. Massive thanks to Devon O'Neil for taking this on. Devon worked on this for a year and a half, going deep into my story...well beyond what almost anyone knows. Thanks mom & dad and @instagrom801 for being my family and rock. It wasn't easy, it might not have even been worth some of it...but I'm deeply grateful for where it's brought us. And massive thanks to @nigelparryportrait for the years of inspiration and inviting me to sit in front of your camera. HUGE thanks to @eddiebauer for believing in me at a time where it might have been hard to, and sticking by me as an athlete and photographer #gamechanger Countless partners, a handful of deeply impactful mentors, and friends and community. You guys kick ass. Massive love and respect. @adrianballinger @eddiebauer



I picked up the latest edition at the airport. Wow, incredible piece. πŸ™ŒπŸ½ Thank you for being able to open up and share your story with others. πŸ™πŸ½ #enjoythejourney




I love you, @coryrichards! You're an inspiration to me. Will definitely pick up the magazine! 🐏


This is amazing! ❀️


read this story well written and eye opening. thanks for opening up to the world and sharing your story with us. you are and will continue to be an inspiration to many!!! wishing you the best in your future endeavors and adventures


😻 (Pax du kΓΆper denna Γ₯t mig som straff fΓΆr Daryl. Plus vill inte se den inramad pΓ₯ ditt bord sen....πŸ˜‚ @hellocarrow )


@frogprince619 boss,, mau pesan this issue boleh 😍😍😍 ??


@dmamyril ok...this month's issue or out long time already?


@frogprince619 August issue ,, later i pay ya πŸ˜πŸ—»


Stunning in a million ways ❀️


such a beautiful article , powerful and to the core. I'm sure you wouldn't have wanted it any other way. and @nigleparryportrait , bam ! thank you for nailing it.


You deserve it, and much more.πŸ’™


as Laurel's husband and an ER nurse, sometimes our conversations are a smear of indistinctions and veiled perceptions shrouded by privacy codes and HIPAA regulations. thanks @coryrichards for a peek into your personal world and her professional one.


What a great fact this whole issue was awesome ❀️


Loved your story, so much honesty.


way to share your story Brother Cory ... cheers to your inner strength, courage to start fresh, and gritty honesty that will truly help others that follow in your shoes. you helped me πŸ’œ


Can't wait to read. --fellow near-death trauma PTSD survivor. Great to hear similar stories


Such a warrior @coryrichards I'm so totally inspired by you.


I just finished the article. You have waded through a lot in your time. You've come out the other side stronger than ever. You should be proud of yourself.


Very powerful article man thanks for sharing πŸ™


Great article. Hats off Cory for your honesty. Very real. Good stuff. πŸ‘


@coryrichards from vulnerability comes strength I do believe that and wish you that for your journey. Maybe one of these days when you come through Seattle again we can go to Hattie's Hat for memories sake.


Just read the article. Thank you for sharing with such raw honesty. πŸ™


Also just read the article. It was enlightening to stumble across something of such depth, honesty, and humility. Its always a gift when a story ascends the norm of the usual magazine fodder.


Finally picked this up at a local bookstore on vacation. Inspired by ur courage


Instagram suggested you this morning as someone I should follow amongst others and I ignored the suggestion as usual, and now sitting at my hairdressers I see the magazine and had to look you up and it was the same person!! So glad to have found you, so much to learn. #makeitcount


Just read the article.... I feel ya brother. Thanks for sharing your story, past and present.... pray life keeps giving you rad adventures and more great stories to share. God bless and keep on keepin on πŸ™ŒπŸ½ #thetrek #life @coryrichards


I just read this article via outside on twitter. I was moved by your story. Thank you for your honesty. As someone who suffers from mental illness, but is high functioning, I often feel alone and like no one understands. It's a deep and dark place and is not spoken of enough. Thank you @coryrichards for your bravery ❀️


This was a great article I just Happened to read it on their site


Thank you for sharing an honest story! The world of social media needs more if it.


Finally got around to reading this...thank you, our Adventure community needs this!


Just read the article. Just an incredibly honest, authentic, raw read. Thanks for being so brace.


Respect πŸ‘Š


Such a moving story, felt the pain on paper. My deepest respects for you @coryrichards




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