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This is the face of terrorism in America

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alex_king94 Ik it's just a frustrating topic for me my bad if I came off in a bad way




With freedom of speech you unfortunately half to allow people like this the right to Peacefully voice their opinion. Even if you believe it's wrong. This is America and free speech is apart of that. But I dislike people hating on each other😪



toddsferg so why say it here? Makes it look like you are.

@toddsferg I don't care how it makes me "look". My message is against both sides. If you would read my actual comment instead of judging it at surface level then maybe you'd have a basic understanding of what I'm saying.

toddsferg their messages are not the same. One is evil, and one is against evil. You can't really be on the sidelines. They are clearly different, and if you can't see that, you are on the evil side.

@toddsferg It doesn't matter what the message if the groups is. That's purely opinion. What is fact is that violent protest is against the law and should not be tolerated. Are you really arguing with me? I literally agree with you on the factual points of this discussion.

toddsferg it does matter what a groups message is. Absolutlely it does. Your case of whataboitism is about as bad as it gets.

@toddsferg So here's what you're saying. Violence is okay if the message is perceived "good" by... you? That will sure stand up in a court of law.

toddsferg Rain correctly said Nazis were the American face of terrorism. You said "what about these guys", referring to Antifa. Essentially you are arguing that NeoNazis and Antifa are the same with your whataboutism

@toddsferg So, just to confirm, you're still saying that violence is okay if YOU think the cause is good. Correct? Or will you aide with me and everyone else in saying that violence is never okay, no matter the side. You can call it whatever you want but both sides have used violence and it's not okay, no matter tha party.completely illegal to

@toddsferg Sorry, my comment messed up, last part should have been "not okay, no matter the party".


Sure, violence bad. Now to address your whataboitism and false equivalence.


Hateful people. Shame on them.


civil war II


I love how they attack black people in the streets outright and then claim "but hillarys emails!" "Sad."


The confederacy is only racist in some ways a lot of it is just southern pride


You forgot black lives matter


🤢🤢🤢🤢lmao got that right


Man white people are wild


@breenaisapunkrocker that's what you wouldn't understand. In America people are allowed tp peacefully protest, and freedom of speech. Even if they are nasty, bastard, racist Nazis. I can understand things are different in Germany, given the history.


@breenaisapunkrocker I can agree with you on that.


@totallynotkyle93 glad we agree on something. This is my hometown now, you know.

breenaisapunkrocker this


@rainnwilson I agree also antifa are terrorists. Communists actually.


You do realize that people literally petition for antifa to be classified as a terrorist organization? Both sides ought to be seen as such.




Nazis are bad. but so are communists.


Where are the pictures of antifa?


Antifa too


U forgot antifa


Wheres antifa and blm


Disgusting 😔


Did you mean blm and antifa?


It's both sides.


I'm so glad you agree with this omg I talk about that stuff a lot on my page but people still call me weird and say other disapproving things. This is disgusting that we have to deal with this kind of hatred in the 21 century. Thank you


Lol no pics of the alt left? No condemning antifa and blm?