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#Repost @participant (@get_repost) ・・・ There is no refugee crisis, only a human crisis. Borders are in our hearts and minds. #HumanFlow is in select theaters 10/13. @aiww @humanflowmovie

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@instant.grahame we should watch this


@rainnwilson really !? "Refugees" are killing people all over Europe AND YOU WANT TO GET MORE OF THEM ? This is suicide. How can anyone be so oblivious to what it's REALLY happening. Most "refugees" are man with no children and army body ready. Meaning they are an invading force. And THEY WILL attack you. Like they have been doing.


Wow I thought he was smarter than this


@emicls and @alex_locke1234 you are just the people that need to see this film. Open your eyes. And realize that these are just people like you, like your children, like your family and they deserve humanity. If you were to be a refugee someday, which is possible, I would hope that people would treat you much better.


@theofficecollectibles this is a serious film that addresses the appalling potentials of the human condition, please worry about your the office convention elsewhere.


Lol @lukas_the_orb_of_covfefe_._._


Young Syrian males: run away like pussies or man-up and join the white helmets. Most ran like pussies.


Wow this is amazing ❤️


Hi Rainn, I've been traveling Europe for about a week now and have been trying to put words to how I feel from this entirely new experience. I'm excited to watch this and hopefully get some more inspiration to put this theme of "human" into some music I'm working on. Keep sharing and thanks a ton!


@jenny_kaye well said!


Yes. A crisis of this human family


Go to Dubai and start kissing dudes. Then you'll see that there are borders.


def gonna see this


Rainn, I'm going to go ahead and move into your house. Don't worry, I promise to treat your home right. If I could just get directions, that would be perfect. Please don't allow your property line come between us.


You can help refugee's in ways other than "letting them into your homes" You can, for one, simply NOT be an asshole and take a stand against a government who does not support them.


So allowing people to illegally enter is okay? That's like saying somebody can move into your house without your consent, it doesn't work like that.




We support the refugees, we just don't have the ability to let them in at the moment. It's honestly europes problem at this point, we have our own influx of illegals coming in that we need to deal with.


We are all family on this earth


We all need to see this and open our eyes and mind to take care of each other


False. Without borders there are no citizens.


How do I repost this video?