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You can be the cause of someone's suffering or you can be the shining light and hope. We make choices every day. Think about the conveniences of your choices and make better ones. Follow this beautiful account. These people do so much good I'm speechless and humbled by the quality of human beings that still exists. #Repost @animalhopeandwellness ・・・ They cut her ear off. Smashed the bridge of her nose. Chopped off all her feet. Severed a piece of her tail. . She was found in a meat market in North China. Brought to a vet, where she was adopted out to a family. A video of Happy surfaced last week on social media, showing her in a critical state due to neglect and insufficient care. . It took us three days to secure her. If we had not been able to do the rescue, she would have died. Her body is severely infected, and she has begun having constant seizures because her legs are rotting. . She is now safe at a vet I trust fully, Mary Peng at ICVS in China. She will be coming home as soon as she is cleared to travel, flown in personally by Suki, where she will stay at my home until she recovers. We will be forced to surgically recut her feet. The back two, the bone is sticking through. . A lot of negative things were said about the person that had been trying to care for her. As we talked about Happy's future, she cried - shed tears like how I would for my own children. She loves her. In the end, she just did not know how to care for her. . The cruelty that is seen here in Asia, it is tormenting. How can anyone stand to support something like this. Imagine someone beating you. Cutting off your ear. Then chopping off all your feet - all while you are still breathing. . "You are the reason why I began rescuing. So in the end, I could somehow save myself." . (Thank you Rita Wong, for directing us where to go. And Ms. Wang, for assisting in the negotiation.) . #animalhopeandwellness #MarcChing #Finland

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So sad... Hope he's close to recovery and safety to all


Poor animal




Ahhh soo sad 😭


Плачу.... Это мы звери... Моей кошки не стало месяц назад. 18,5 лет она мурлыкала мне. Пока не готова, но чуть позже возьму котика из приюта или с улицы. Моя Ксю бегала в мебельном магазине и сама меня выбрала. Больная и блохастая через месяц стала невероятной красавицей. И оставалась такой до последней минуты, несмотря на тяжёлую болезнь.....




Сердце рвется на части! Боже куда ты смотришь? Люди, Вы что? За что? Ну почему так с ней? Шок, у меня нет слов.....






It breaks my heart 💔🙏💔


Ohh nooooo😥


Thank God someone helped this sweet baby's suffering to end. I'll never understand anyone being so cruel. If only people loved the way dog love unconditionally!


😱😿😿madre mia!pobrecita....


It's so sad 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😿😭








Люди блядь просто изверги ....куда катится мир .....все ждут когда когда конец света ? Что то думают гадают ! А разве это и есть не конец света .....👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿


God bless you Mark.


Peace and healing for her 🙌🏾




I'm so glad that this little creature of God had the medical attention he needed and that a family adopted him. Human beings are getting worst and worst.


Poor baby 😥😖❤




Какое счастье, что есть те, кто может помочь.


i think i just cried





Hope she receives the care she needs


Awalnya saya marah karena dia di potong-potong" seperti dia sudah mati,. Tapi setelah membaca sinopsisnya, saya tak sanggup membendung air mata ku... AkuMendoakan yang terbaik untuk kalian para penyayang binatang "penyelamat binatang"..😍😍😍