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Can't wait to watch the @maeyoungclassic! Love everything I have been reading and seeing about this. It's just so truly incredible what women are continuing to do not only at @wwe but in the wrestling industry overall. I really want to come watch the finals live in Vegas! These women are amazing! Wow! Would be one of the greatest honors! Also want to take a minute to say thank you @wwe_asuka your title reign was beyond impressive and entertaining to watch. I hope one day to share that ring with you. Lots of prayers for a healthy return! And as always thank you @tripleh for your continued amazing support for women's wrestling. I know it means so much to the women of the past, present and future!



My queenπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘ΈπŸ‘Έ @thenikkibella


Asuka would destroy Nikki Bella in the ring it wouldn't even be a competitive match #AsukasGonnaKillYou


@richardgg2000 id love to see nikki put the fearless lock punch him in the face and the rack attack 2.0 on that dude he would get destroyed he's a jealous hater she's a powerful amazing woman who has more heart strength and makes more money in one month than he will ever see in a lifetime


@wickedsandford it would be fun to see nikki moping the ring with you why do you gotta be such a hater gtfoh


@thenikkibella when can you come back to wwe the bella army misses you in the ring


εΎˆζƒ³θ―΄δ»Žδ½ θΏ™ηœ‹εˆ°θΏ™δΊ›θ―ζ„Ÿεˆ°ζœ‰η‚ΉζΆεΏƒ


@the_buzzard666 idiot go watch wwe when @thenikkibella and @thebriebella first came in and see how raw they were and hard work paid off they have been top of the food chain for awhile and oh yeah #1selling womens merchandise. Also did you know Div 1 soccer scholarships. Wait did Cena and Bryan get those for them lol


@the_buzzard666 it's funny how your bashing Nikki when she's just praising asuka


@deathdealer134 it doesn't sound like it. Sounds like the coach is happy for the student


@the_buzzard666 no it's sounds like she just praising her for her career in NXT since asuka is likely getting call up


@deathdealer134 no of you read it properly and understood you'd geet it.


@the_buzzard666 yeah I read it so you want me to keep repeating myself are you slow or something


No Nikki. Asuka is the real wrestler. you're not


@deathdealer134 lets see. I have a real profile you have a fake one and trying to act tough. Is say your a moron but fake profiles arent morons they re cowards.


Alexa, is that you? *2ndfromtheleftside*


Binca will win


Berani lu ama geng guaaa @arindraa.p


@nasyaa_oseva suih iniπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ


@bcsunshine91 and Nikki replying to this comment from you "would be a huge downgrade for her". But hey everyone's gotta have goals.


Nyo lalah mu jo ladiang koo @arindraa.p


@nasyaa_oseva indak takuik aku do😝😝 ku kaduan ka amak ku cameh ee maπŸ˜›


πŸ‡§πŸ‡· @thenikkibella It is amazing to see the FIRST brazilian woman at WWE ! I still hope to see u here ! πŸ‡§πŸ‡· Or go to USA to see a WWE show with John and U . Let's Go Bellas ! Brazilian FΓ£!


Nikki i miss you... God bless you