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#Realive plays with love life and memory, watch it and let me know what you think! We gave our all during the shoot, I learnt so much about life. I frikkin' love this film. Thank you Mateo Gil, and all the team in Santa Cruz. 💙✨🙏🏽☠️🌺



I hope from the VERY BOTTOM of my HEART that EVERYBODY sees it!!!!!!!!!😃😊 - T.M.


I've only seen the trailer for the film, but it looks amazing. A film I think I'd really enjoy, will certainly being giving it a watch.




Can I just point out, you never smiled at Rob Stark like this 😏😏


Great movie!


Just saw it a second ago and loved it


@oonacc Sin duda, una de las mejores películas que he visto. Todas las reflexiones del protagonista, así como la trama, el no saber nada y la incertidumbre que se mantiene hasta la última escena hacen que #ProyectoLazaro sea una peli 10 de 10. Un saludo desde Canarias!!


All that taco meat making me hungry 😋


I thought it was very touching along with some great acting. You did good as well, thanks


I think it's right on with not bringing back people. I was reading about Alcor and in a nutshell I think people would be less selfish to donate their money. Basically they are paying to be a science experiment. And then they think they are being turned off. To me it takes away the respect of death and the way the universe intends ...Then, like I've also heard, they'd be a nuisance to future generations. My grandparents can't even handle the present, how the hell are they going to be able to handle way in the future. Burry me without formaldehyde in a decomposable container so I don't contaminate the Earth


@parisa_rjn @hadis_sahari @hani_vp نگا دوس پسرش


It's beautiful. I loved and cried so much with your performance. Congrats and awesome job! ❤


ojala que in dia trabajes con nosotros en chile


I've watched today and I loved it. Amazing movie and you were stunning


YOU look immensely beautiful 😍😍😍


I'm going to watch it!! 💓


Just watched this movie and thought it was good. Definitely pulls on the heart strings. Anyone who was in love like the two main characters has definitely lived a full life. I disagree with the ending though, life is all about second chances and the best things in life still may be ahead and we can't live in the past


Me vienen a la mente jeux d’enfants y mr. Nobody salvando toda distancia esta peli tiene su propia temática y estoy de acuerdo en que te hace pensar sobre la vida, el amor y la memoria, aparte de la ética y la existencialidad... muy potente, me gusta mucho; sensacionales 🙌🏼


me encanto esta pelicula ... una historia de amor diferente


@oonacc just watched it and couldn’t stop watching 🙏🏼🌟✨💫


Peliculón @oonacc Abrazo enorme


Most beautiful of smiles Oona 🌹


Great Movie


Time for red wedding