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This is thermite that I managed to make at home. This powerhouse of a mixture can self react to perform a reaction that's hot enough to MELT STEEL and bright enough to BLIND A PERSON. The only reason I'm okay is because I only used like half a gram of it. The funny thing is that all this needs is regular old iron rust and aluminum powder which anyone can get their hands on. What happens is that aluminum, being a more reactive metal than iron, steals it's oxygen and this generates a hell lot of heat and light that goes well into the ultraviolet range. The yellow glow that you see is actually MOLTEN IRON. There's a video in my story in which I remove the metallic iron with a magnet. Anyway, I hope this sparked some sense of awe and I'm gonna keep doing stuff like this. Should've done this on Diwali ๐Ÿ˜› . . . . . . #thermite #iron #aluminum #rust #metal #chemistry #science #fire #heat #flames #moltenmetal #chaos


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