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Juniper, Queen of Destruction. 👑 Living with a fox can be both rewarding and exhausting. Check out our most recent story to see a video of Junipers interior decorating skills. 👑 Our next video on Patreon will feature an inside look at what damage two red foxes can actually do to a home and how we try to safeguard against it. Click the link in our bio to join me there!



I’d be pretty upset if she tore up my new sofa.




Why is she looking so raggedy lately?




Whassup Queen 😆


Oh oh 😯


Oh well, it’s only a sofa! ❤️


Beautiful 🐾💕


Can be very dangerous and aggressive, live with foxes, they are wild, very different from dogs


Sorry but i would have woop his asss for that🙄🙄😂


I think it’s awesome that you show the bad and the adorable side of life with her.... she is still a wild animal adjusting to life in a domesticated way because you chose to love her and give her a home... and I like that... so sometimes she’s going to tear some of your stuff up. And you still love her and she still lives there... and I really love that


She’s fabulous ❤️😍👍🏼


She’s so proud. Mine 😍😂


Queen of everything.

@snow__white420 because that's animal abuse?


@ohsnapsaraa there’s actually pretty good evidence from animal behaviour science that dogs don’t feel remorse, and the facial and physical cues they give off when we, as people, think they’ve done something bad are related to our body language (and yelling), and trying to avoid that or calm us down.


@snow__white420 dogs and foxes don’t respond to correction after the fact, and spanking accomplishes nothing, even if you catch an animal in the act. They don’t connect the spanking to their bad behaviour; they connect it to YOU, the person doing the spanking, and that erodes the trust the animal as in you.

snow__white420 u soind dumb


@twodoodletails not really my dogs are a1 and i correct them thats dumb u dont lt the animal run over u are ur apways going to get bite like the fox did to her


@snow__white420 if you’ve read literally any of the posts from @juniperfoxx you know that the biting is an instinctual behaviour borne of an undomesticated animal, and in this case, hitting her would not only erode Juniper’s trust in her, it would likely cause her to bite more frequently in defence. So, first of all, foxes are nothing like dogs in this sense, and secondly, you don’t have to hit your dog so that you don’t get “run over.” You can fairly set boundaries with your dog to ensure that they don’t engage in behaviours you don’t like.


@twodoodletails lol wen she gets bite agian say wat u just said




@snow__white420 again, foxes are NOT DOMESTICATED. She knows she’ll be bitten again, because she rescues wild animals, and assumes that risk. It’s not something that Juniper can be trained or beaten out of doing. But in the case of your dogs, you can fairly train them not to bite.


She has this really intense look on her face : I regret nothing hooman. 🙊🙊


Still worth it! :-) Love her!


@snow__white420 I don't beat my dog and she has NEVER bitten me, or even growled at me. She trusts me completely and I won't betray that trust by abusing my position of power over her.


So lovely! 😍😍