@nyam_mbura but I’m not wrong! Discussions like these are how you raise awareness and educate the public. White people wearing black hair styles is “wrong”


@nyam_mbura white people aren’t marginalized. They literally own the world


@tamikakrush i dint say they are. I said are you trying to. You cant ban people from that! Ban white people from rapping too,or from jazz,or long distance running smh. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery...


@glowin.babez go off sis!!!


You Are A SISTER.... XoXo You're Worthy. Keep the braids. Your Kid's need they culture


@glowin.babez you’re 100% correct sister❤️


You are cool




@nyam_mbura Black women have suffered from racism and ridicule throughout the years because of their curly, afro hair, which is why weave-wearing is so embedded into African-American culture. You’d think a black woman would know this...👀


@kitkatt_2014 it is precisely because of this that we should embrace other people liking our culture enough to emulate it. Two wrongs dont make a right, hating them back wont ever fix anything!!!


Looks like No Derek in 10


@nyam_mbura no it’s not. What Kim is doing is cultural appropriation and it is not right.


@cassie136 @davidgsweden @thehotcocoa lmao she ain’t even black and she’s offended....


@kitkatt_2014 do you even know the definition of cultural appropriation is? It’s the taking of ones culture without permission. So are no other races allowed to where their hair in braids or dreadlocks without being ridiculed? Braids are a for if hair styling that was part of many cultures, like Egyptian and Asia, as well as Africa. Dreadlocks were also widely worn by the Irish, Scottish, Greeks, and gypsies. Is it not okay for people to appreciate and emulate a culture they admire? I don’t even like Kim but I think that she actually respects the culture since she has mix raced children.


Amo esse penteado


@irishcupcakez I don’t think I’d be dumb enough to use a word if I didn’t know the definition of it, love. And LOL at your wrong, simplified definition of cultural appropriation. The style of braids that Kim is wearing in this current picture is predominantly one worn by black people. Understand...? Kim has been stealing black culture for about 10 years now. From the surgeries, to the hairstyles, to the way she acts (twerking, etc.). *yawn* I’m not going to go through why cultural appropriation is wrong and why this image offends most blacks people, coz I’ve already listed my reasons. If you had any functioning brain cells, you’d have read my previous responses and wouldn’t have bothered responding to me that pathetic reply. Bye.


@irishcupcakez P.S., I don’t even know why you’re bringing dreadlocks into the discussion sweetie; who mentioned anything about dreadlocks? Gosh I’m not even black and I understand why this is offensive. Why do (most) white people feel a constant right/privilege to do as they are pleased and disregard other cultures’ views.


@kitkatt_2014 twerking is a black only affair????🤣🤣🤣🤣 Bye sis!


@kitkatt_2014 why even be nasty about it? The only way to improve the world is acceptance not war over this stuff that ultimately doesn’t matter. Just because you have a strong opinion about this doesn’t mean that other people aren’t entitled to theirs. The only thing pathetic is you making your argument by bringing other people down. It’s unnecessary and just feeds into the terrible race relations.


@kitkatt_2014 btw I’m pretty sure my reasoning was more affective since it wasn’t fueled by emotion 👌 do your research and bring a more intellectual perspective


@nyam_mbura Girl are you stalking my comments or something. You have a problem. Blocked. Oh my lord, yes twerking is an African thing (can’t believe I even have to say this). Byeeeee. 😘


@leah.elise_ you don’t have to be anything but understanding. I’m not personally offended , but I’m sure hundred of POC are everywhere. Thx tho👋🏼


@cassie136 u do realise it wasnt just warn my africans it was worn by people from asia, egypt and africa plus many other cultures yet u dont see them coming in saying how rude it is that shes wearing a type of HAIRSTYLE. yes alot has happened between cultures and races but u dont see her wearing it to offend or to say she looks better in it. no she embraces the culture and loves to learn more about it, how about when people go to places like thailand or fiji and u see so many tourists wearing braids where they were done by people who are from that country. when u pass them do u say that they are racist or cultural appropriation and there isnt an exact meaning for cultural appropriation it is different in everyone's perspective. coming from a non english country i can see from ur perspective but unlike you many people from my country try to share our cultures and show it to the world so they can spread and learn more about it instead of labelling people as "cultural appropriation" from wearing a hairstyle that is used very commonly in the world today but yet because shes a celebrity everyone gets upset with her


Cultural appropriation


Cute hairstyle but fake hair 😂


@kaelenparkerr lol a white person like yourself would say that 😂