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This is something I’ve been thinking about for quite a while,I’m kind of scared to restart my account but I’m going to do it,I’m not going to change the username on this account;it’s going to remain the same and I’m going to check in periodically???(idk if that’s the word?)I’m also going to be following the same people I do on this account so hopefully you guys aren’t hollywood and follow me back 😰. Mario if you want to unfollow this account and follow my other one I’m completely fine with whatever.A fresh start is really what I’ve been needing so hopefully if you guys want to you can follow my new account @infinitemts and yeah,I hope to work my way up from there 💞 #marioselman



Hopefully I don’t regret this because this user means a lot to me


awww ily and support ur decision


@honeymoonselman 💗💓💞 omf I love you sm,your always so supportive and active