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Also hey hi small appreciation post for Mario,so if you don’t like to read soft things then suck it up because ur gonna read this;I just wanted thank mario for making me happy,truly can’t express how much I love and miss him.whenever I first discovered him I didn’t expect to end up where I am now and to be completely honest I don’t think he expected to come this far either when he decided to make a social media acc.this 18 year old kid (or adult,because we love a mature social media influencer)has brought a smile to my face at times where I was at my lowest points,and to see him being successful and living in LA participating in events or conventions and such is amazing like he’s no longer this 15 year old kid I fell in love with through a screen.people always ask stuff like “why do you support him” my answer has remained the same for the past two years because even though I don’t think Mario realizes it sometimes but he truly makes me happy,and the crazy thing is he makes hundreds of people happy too,him going live can brighten someone’s day just like that.what makes me really proud of him is that he’s a teenager and even through all his difficult times he strives to be the best person he can be for us and himself,he works to make us proud and his family proud.its currently 2 in the morning so I’m sorry for being mushy and soft but if you made it this far down and read all of this I truly appreciate you and I am very thankful to be apart of this fandom <3 (also side note,I’m always gonna be here for him)


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