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life. is. insane. liza. is. too... blessed to live it. i can't even explain how big my dad's smile was when i told him. so, im dedicating this incredible honor to him. to every email he's read, every call he's answered, every doubt he's reassured, every cry he's soothed and every convo i've zoned out of... thank you. for believing in my dreams, before any came true. yes, im in my feelings, on my period, and my jumbo sports tampon and i would like to say thank you to YOU. for your love, empathy, kindness, understanding, positivity and your willingness to witness and support me as i evolve. this has all been one heaven of a ride, and im thankful to the angels riding with me. bless yall. aight im done cryin', thank you @forbes for honoring my parents hard work. and also, yes, cups of coffee and my legs always make an appearance in my major IG announcements


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