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Going through old fitting pics & found this gold look that Kanye made for me for my Miami trip last summer (I went w the neon vibes instead) P.S. fast fashion brands, can you please wait until I wear this in real life before you knock it off? 😂



@savneettk caption 😭😭😂


@iamcardib Atleast CardiB supports her fans and makes a line FOR her fans ❤️


Hahahaha @fashionnova seriously 😜


Just like u knock off people cultures


@kimkardashian I just hate how these fast fashion companies STEAL designs from true artist. People with not one ounce of creativity can’t understand why it’s a problem! 🤦🏾‍♂️


Alexia can you ask @fashionnova to make this 🤪😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 joking




First thing I thought of after reading the caption @fashionnova 😂🤣😂🤣 they knock off EVERYTHING... Making it cheap (looks cheap, is cheap) from slaves in China

You always slay❤️😭


You’ve knocked off our entire culture 🥴🥵


Kim why are you creating issue is it because you are not getting any commission on those are an inspiration we can't afford thousands of dollar outfits why do you have to make this an issue the reason why you are popular is because of us who copies your you are going after fashion nova for what????grow don't even wear the same thing twice you wore it first soooooo????didn't your mama teach you to give your old toys to the less fortunate...


Looks like you raided Joanne’s fabrics and stole the whole roll.


I have never read something more selfish in my life.. just because people actually have to work for their money you mad???? Cmonnn shouldn’t you want people to look up to you.. if people want to be like you, you should be flattered. Sorry not everyone can afford a 10,000 dress.


Wow! Why the shade on fast fashion!


No because regular people want to look good too.....why don’t you start you’re own fast fashion brand #problemsolved #yourwelcome


@jonellstevenson preach !! This is why I never read comments because all you see is older women having a mid life crisis and arguing with 15 year olds. Just disgusting.


@caroleradziwill um......I’m pretty sure you know the difference.....I mean you seem pretty smart on the housewives


@wglosangeles was your design stolen?? #lockherup lol


@sophs_fm it’s ridiculous 😂🤣she blocked me too so 🤷🏽‍♀️


@jonellstevenson of course she did 🤦🏻‍♀️ makes sense tho she should be ashamed of her actions


@jonellstevenson like sorry someone was just stating facts about poverty and someone had to make it nasty.


@sophs_fm that’s why they say ignorance is blessed


Kim people are dying


Girl who cares don’t be so worried. Most people can’t afford yeezy. Fashion nova is cheap and what women everywhere want


I love you kim


So it's not okay to knock off pricier fashion designers, but it's okay for you and your sisters to stroll through IG and steal the hard work and designs of designer trying to come up. Stealing their imagery for your makeup logos, stealing their street fashion just to reproduce for your online stores, stealing their outfits to wear at Coachella, stealing their lingerie bodysuits with rhinestones to sell as a Good brand, stealing the photoshoot lip inspos to copy the same for your make up FOH ya'll are the queens of stealing ideas.


@cinnamongirl23911 they steal everything from IG designers and artists. Kylie's imagery she stole from @vladamua dripping lips, street wear from other IG designers, khloe was served from indie designer Destiney Bleu a cease and desist letter on June 4, two days after Bleu first took to Twitter to accuse the brand of purposefully buying her bedazzled bodysuits, jerseys, and intimates in order to rip them off. Vibes Media accused the Kim of copying their logo for her Kimoji perfume. The promo photos promoting her newest lipsticks for KKW Beauty, jewelry designer took notice of the eerie resemblance of their work. According to Tanaya Henry, the founder of "Laced By Tanaya," Kim and her photographer copied her photo concepts. The list goes on of theses unoriginal idea thieves.


Rich ppl problems #cantrelate


you know what kim? fix ya long toe before you talk about fast fashion.


@makeupbyshaylin & everyone is basic too then


Kim REALLY bounced back hard asf 😭


Wouldn't it be so messed up if it was really her fashion friends the ones ripping off design ideas from people that are less known. It happens all the time.


Don’t post it then