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Verification ((3/3)) . . . More thoughts I’ve been pondering on lately: The fleeting experiences of “success”. In the last 48 hours alone, my photos were reposted by a YouTuber I watch relatively consistently... and then my laptop fell onto the ground and I broke my screen 😭 Luckily it’ll be a simple fix, but as I was sitting down to think about what to talk about in today’s post, I thought of these two events and just laughed. Not out of misery or joy really, but moreso in the fact and realization that life keeps moving 😂 I’m down to celebrate the brighter moments, but there’s a responsibility I know I need to uphold in NOT BAILING when the going gets tough. I did that a ton when I was a kid, and it’s something I’ve been actively working on unlearning my hardcore conflict avoidance since then. . And while on the topic of avoidance, as I was getting ready to sleep last night, a wave of anxiety looked over me and I spent the next hour regulating my breathing and my racing thoughts. As I mentioned recently, I have many fears in moving forward with photography. Naturally as I get to work with more fun people, my sphere of influence will continue to grow... and it terrifies me in some ways just how far I’ve stepped out past my comfort zone. I’m thankful and I’m excited, but these emotions and thoughts still exist regardless. What’s up ahead? Honestly I have NO IDEA...... but in my fears and my doubts, I’m still ready to tackle this new territory. I hope. 😂✨ . . . . . #photooftheday #worldofportraits #metonthehub #creativesontherise #hinfluencercollective #brandyusa #portraitpage #buildandbloom #777luckyfish #moodyports #portraitgame #agameoftones #localwolves #nycphotographer #newyorkphotographer #MoodyGrams #portraitmode #portraitgames #pursuitofportraits #portraitpage #portraits_mf #portraitsmag #portraitkillers #portrait_planet


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