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Reflection & Preparation 🌙 Its 6pm ish on my side of the world and I am taking this time to relax my mind and body while Reflecting and Preparing for a fresh new week that is right around the corner. I must say I feel my overall best around 6-7 pm ish...this time range gives me lifeeeee 😊 During this time Im at peace..I feel warm and cozy inside..My heart is filled with soo much love ahhh ❤ Right after giving birth I use to feel soo alive early mornings right before sunrise..guess I have been lacking in the sleep department so I seem to sleep in later now days..but it's all good I will continue to flow the same direction as my body and we will establish a better schedule sooner than later. #reflection #preparation #mindbodysoul #allofme 🌻Mind Body🌸 🌙Spirit #GenaMarie #shemostella #wisewoman #super


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