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00:00 , April 12th. Today is the anniversary of the biggest part of my youth , and life.The birthday of that person that I always mention whenever I introduce my self to anybody, the person for who I sacrificed my free time , my attention and me. the only person I spent nights on learning his shapes, shadows, organes , colors .. the only person that matters when I feel sad the only person shining with hope on the deepest corner in me , the person I imagine on my teenagers mind whenever I hear a romantic musique , the person I laugh till tearing on his clumsy behaviors , the only person that make me cry If comes to my mind that he’s sad , almost feeling his pain contaminating my brain ... that person that Every morning , once I open my sleepy eyes , Always first consulting his news , he is the person for who I felt proud , felt happy on his success, Always hoping him succeeding and leveling up over all others.The person I can sacrifice my soul , blood and body , the person I imagine as the lord , the prince , the god and the dancer on my favorite songs , on a magical stage. Im feeling awkward and shamed, cuz those words do not express the deep feelings I have for Him , Oh SeHun.I love the way you move , the way you smile , the way you feel , the way you think and the way you love , I love you head your hair and your forehead,your eyebrows,their shapes, your skin , its color , and its perfection, clearance, brightness. Your eyes are my galaxies , Their brown are my tasty chocolate, your Eye shape is a great sculpture, lovely made. You nose is a master piece made of all thing expensive in the world.You cheeks are the mostly delicate and tasty delicious marshmallows I can ever pinch .. made of satisfying clouds made pillows. every inch on u is a perfect human being (even if I perfectly believe that ur an angel) Your lips are the most part of u I love the more , I love the way you speak , you spell and u eat , the way you drink and especially, The way you smile. I love the way you look at people , the way you feel the way you talk the way you walk. I love ur ears and the satisfying parts of perfection. I love the back of ur ear the the shadows....


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