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GOOOOOOD MORNING GRAM FAM! Another INCREDIBLE WBFF show complete and another WBFF goal ticked off! For this show I was aiming top 10. I know that I have most definitely got more in me physically and mentally. So after a moment of down time we’re going back in full swing and going to prep like a beast for October show! Thank you @wbff_aust for putting on a wonderful show and creating such a friendly environment to compete in without feeling like you’ve got an opponent. Thank you to @careenkiller for teaching me what to do with my body, it most definitely worked. Thank you @fit_angel_bikini for yet another stunning bikini 🖤 Thank you to @nessyturner @damienmaddocks for the “sponsorship” THANK YOU TO MY COACH @lmtlsstraining he gets me, he knows how I work, he listens, he encourages all at the right times. You really are a wizard Chris. I really appreciate all of the messages of support from all my family and friends it really does mean a lot to know you’re watching and care. Thank you for listening. Sass Queen OUT 🤘🏽👑


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